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Hearts In Hands Bulletin October, 2023

Be sure to check out this website for information on the 2023 Programs and Events. Please email Dawn Schell at with any questions, suggestions or comments.

Babysitting Course
Saturday, October 21, 2023
8am - 4pm at the
Hearts in Hands Community Center


Friday Freebies

October 20th, 11am - 1pm
October 21st, 10am - Noon

6th Annual Golf Tournament

2022 Events
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Hearts In Hands
Volunteer of the Month
Nancy Horton

Heading 3

Nancy has decided, with lots of tears, that it is time for her to retire from Hearts In Hands. For over 6 years, Nancy oversaw the daily office operations. Call the office and you would get to speak with Nancy, who would probably know your needed information. Attend an event, and Nancy would be there helping to be sure everything ran smoothly. Nancy's craft and sewing talents were shared with our youth at our many programs, such as Sewing Club, Princess Club and Summer Camp. These are just a few of her many contributions to Hearts In Hands.

Thank you, Nancy, for your long hours of love and devotion. Your commitment to our families will always be appreciated.  Our staff has shared laughter and also times when we thought we would lose are minds. But Nancy's spunky personality and contagious laugh always got us through those tough times. Nancy, you will always be part of the Hearts In Hands Community Center family. Enjoy you free time, and we look forward to you visiting with everyone at our events.

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