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 Hearts In Hands Community Center wants to thank The Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) for partnering with us. CYI is an independent on-profit organization committed to youth-led, transformational community change. They train youth leaders, enhance family relationships, encourage prevention education, and build community collaboration. CYI leverages the talents, expertise and diversity throughout our community to build trust, work together, and share resources. They are committed to nurturing partnerships at all levels to provide the highest caliber of programming and support for Coatesville Youth.

Counselors Group 3.jpeg

 JJ comes to us from CYI. He will spend part of his summer job experience with HIHCC. JJ is a positive role model for our boys. He spends time talking with them and playing sports with them during free time. HIHCC hopes that JJ’s time at camp helps him build leadership skills and has a positive impact on him in whatever future goals he pursues.


 Kierra also comes from CYI and will spend the 4 weeks of summer camp with us. Kierra enjoys helping the campers at the art station and playing games with the kids. HIHCC’s hope is for Kierra to recognize the power she has as a girl leader and to make new friendships. And that your time here has a positive impact on you and the young campers that you are around.

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