2022 Fall Programs 

Julian Schell, a representative of Hearts In Hands, was awarded First Place in the 4-H Club Engineering Design Program. HIHCC partners with 4-H in various programs.  Congratulations, Julian.

2022 JJ Schell 2.jpg

HIHCC 4-H Robotics Club (Limited Space)

The 4-H Robotics Program can help you learn to design, build and program using LEGO robotic kits. Club members will begin by constructing a basic robotic. They will learn to program it to go forward and backward. They will learn to use a 3rd motor to lift and move obstacles. Sensors will be introduced and youth will program the robots to complete various tasks by combining the motors and sensors. As new robotic functions are introduced, participants will be presented with challenges to solve. Participants will work collaboratively with other participants.Ages: 3rd grade and 8th grade.


Little Sewers Club is for children who would love to sew. Each sewer will learn hand sewing skills. They'll complete fun and simple projects. Little Sewers are age 1st grade to 4th grade (or even older.) Participants will feel the pride of make something to keep or to give a loved one!



LEGO Club is an educational program where children use their imaginations and creative skills to design things. This program helps children improve their teamwork. Each week a new theme is introduced, and the children get a chance to invent something new, while having fun, and making new friends.


Storybook Adventures Club

Kindergarten to 3rd grade children love to use their imaginations. Each week a new story will COME to Life for the child. The story will have interactive parts. There will be an art activity or game, fingerplay or song. Let your child grow to love books.