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Share your time and talents with Hearts in Hands

Volunteer Descriptions

Community Ambassador

Serve as a representative from the community to Hearts in Hands. Help to get messages from H.I.H.C.C. out to the residents of the community through flyers, bulletin board postings, word of mouth, etc. Learn the specific needs of the community for programs and events that H.I.H.C.C. could provide and share those with Hearts In Hands staff. Meet with other Ambassadors and Hearts In Hands staff a few times per year to share community needs, strategies for getting community residents engaged, and best practices and ideas for making H.I.H.C.C. more responsive to the communities we serve.

Office Help

Can you do any of the following?

- File

- Type on Computer

- Make phone calls/ Answer the phone

- Update bulletin board at the Community Center

Summer Camp Adult Volunteer

Adults can volunteer to work with the campers on one of the activities, such as Arts & Crafts, Field Games, Educational Activities and Spiritual Activities. Volunteers can sign-up for a half day or full day on whatever days you are available. 

Summer Camp Teen Activity Assistant

Teens (entering Grades 8 and older) will work with an adult volunteer and campers on one of the activities. Activity Assistants will volunteer for a half day, Monday through Thursday. Camp runs for 4 weeks and teens can volunteer for one or more weeks.

You can strengthen your community by getting involved!

Links for Volunteer Clearances

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