Tween & Teen Programs

Sewing Machine
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Sew Much Fun

Introduction to Sewing for kids 3rd - 12th grade

Do you like to sew? Or are you interested in learning to sew? This program is for you! You will have "Sew Much Fun" while you learn to sew. In this program we will sew things that are useful, simple, and fun to make. We will do some hand and machine sewing. This is a hands-on program. 

Babysitting Club

Designed to help prepare children 12 and older for babysitting.

Babysitting club teaches pre-teens and teens...

  - characteristics and needs of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers,

  - Safety and basic first aid,

  - Caring for someone else's child,

  - Caring for yourself when home alone.

Walking Girls Towards Success

Audience: Girls; ages 13 - 18.

Takes place September through December.

The goal of the program is to build a positive mentoring relationship with teen girls by using their real life experiences to teach them alternative behaviors for positive results.

Club I.R.V. 305

Audience: Everyone; Grades 7th - 12th.

Takes place September through June.

In today's world, teamwork is more important than ever. Club I.R.V. 305 shows youth how to interact and make group decisions. The club teaches leadership by showing the kids how local Government and Community groups operate. Club I.R.V. 305 allows members to make decisions on activities. It picks a community project to complete before the end of spring. The youth do sporting activities and are shown opportunities for their future:  such as learning healthy recipes and planning fun activities. Participants become role models and community leaders.

Homework Club

Audience: Everyone; Grades 7th - 12th.

Takes place September through June.

An after-school program to assist children in getting their homework done. We provide a place to read and study. Volunteers provide assistance by reinforcing information provided in school or by assisting in the completion of homework. We also provide an environment where youth study for tests or practice skills they need in Math, English, and Science.

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