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HIHCC's Families

I am writing to express the pure gratitude for your organization and the staff that works with you. My children, now ages 25 to 10, have been able to experience the wonderful programs that you continue to offer. My 10-year-old says that summer camp is great and looks forward to it each year. This evening, we attended your Back-to-School Event with free backpacks filled with supplies, winter coats, books, crafts and food! It was amazing and the best part was my son receiving a cross for his backpack, and then Father Kim and John blessing each backpack and the student carrying it. Thank you for continuing to offer these programs to our communities. Dakesha and Family.

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I want to thank your organization for helping me out for Christmas for my two children. It's been a little financially hard this year for me and my family but I appreciate everything that you helped me with my family. Merry Christmas.

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